Corporate Law

We provide corporate law services to a diverse range of customers, both domestically and internationally, ranging from technology-focused start-ups to established corporations. We have considerable expertise in corporate law, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and advising businesses on best practices in governance.

Our legal team of experts lawyers from all over the globe who have decades of experience in corporate law management. Our team provides a coordinated approach to resolving your complicated multi-jurisdictional requirements efficiently and effectively.

  • Corporate Structures

  • Employment Contracts

  • Remote and Part Time Employment Contracts & Legal Work

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Private Equity

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Corporate Governance

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Client Services

These six client service principles govern our interactions with clients and enable us to provide a differentiated level of service. We make an effort to:

  • Provide Our Clients With A Unified Firm

    We assemble and combine the greatest legal teams to provide the highest-quality legal services in a single region or across many countries.

  • Exhibit clarity and impartiality

    We always provide our customers with a straightforward and economically driven perspective based on a thorough understanding of their business.

  • We Step Into Our Clients’ Shoes

    We put our clients first and we are always responsive to your needs, priorities and pressures because we care about your perspective.

  • Maintain an awareness of the larger picture

    We tailor our worldwide expertise to our clients' requirements. You rely on us to bring a global perspective to your business' legal challenges..

  • Find a way through

    We are adaptable, resourceful, and dedicated to assist our clients in navigating today's challenging business environment.

  • Establish long-lasting partnerships

    We invest the time necessary to comprehend our clients' urgent and long- term concerns. We anticipate and plan for change on your behalf, putting your interests ahead of our own.

About Us
About Us

Widespread Knowledge

Jonah Cross Law Group is a truly international law firm that provides legal representation to businesses, governments, and financial institutions worldwide. Our attorneys employ their expertise and discernment to assist clients in resolving intricate legal matters. Regardless of the scope of your legal concern, our globally aware legal professionals will devise a customized approach to address it.

Jonah Cross Law Group Core Virtues

Our culture is founded on three core values:

  • Development:

    We proactively seize opportunities to foster progress and improvement.

  • Unity:

    Our organization is unified by common objectives and goals.

  • Empathy:

    As individuals, we are empathetic and care about others and the world around us.