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Expanded Legal Knowledge

Jonah Cross Law, an international law firm, provides legal expertise to organizations, government agencies, and financial institutions across the globe. Our legal team has extensive experience in handling complex cases that involve various jurisdictions, and we serve clients from every part of the world. We collaborate with businesses of all scales, from well-established corporations to innovative startups, to develop approaches that protect and optimize the value of their intellectual property, which includes inventions, designs, and product and service concepts.

  • Intellectual Property:

    Jonah Cross supports a wide range of clients, including industry leaders and innovative startups, in protecting and optimizing their intellectual property, including ideas, technologies, products, and trademarks.Learn More

  • Business Law

    Our team of corporate attorneys has extensive knowledge of the legal rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in establishing, acquiring, operating, and managing a business entity.Learn More

  • Tax Assistance

    Jonah Cross’s tax attorneys have expertise in the tax laws of various countries, as well as international tax treaties and data-sharing programs. Learn More

  • Civil Lawsuits

    Our civil law attorneys provide diverse services, such as drafting and assessing commercial agreements, offering legal advice, negotiating leases, and more.Learn More

  • Family Court

    Jonah Cross’s Family Court department adopts a comprehensive approach to all aspects of family law.Learn More

International Acclaim
International Acclaim

Worldwide Focus

If you need guidance on expanding into new territories, exploring financing options, or resolving legal disputes, our global team of more than 1400 attorneys across six continents can provide assistance. Jonah Cross Law Group can help you prepare for any disruptions, opportunities, or risks, and navigate any complexities that may arise.

About Us
About Us

Widespread Knowledge

Jonah Cross Law Group is a truly international law firm that provides legal representation to businesses, governments, and financial institutions worldwide. Our attorneys employ their expertise and discernment to assist clients in resolving intricate legal matters. Regardless of the scope of your legal concern, our globally aware legal professionals will devise a customized approach to address it.

Jonah Cross Law Group Core Virtues

Our culture is founded on three core values:

  • Development:

    We proactively seize opportunities to foster progress and improvement.

  • Unity:

    Our organization is unified by common objectives and goals.

  • Empathy:

    As individuals, we are empathetic and care about others and the world around us.